Create Delicious Chocolate Recipes To Die For!You Can Have Your Chocolate And Eat It To – Guilt Free!
Create Delicious Chocolate Recipes To Die For!
You Can Have Your Chocolate And Eat It To – Guilt Free!

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

This Triple Chocolate Cheesecake is to die for! Tell us what you think, suggestions or just leave a comment about how yours turned out 🙂 Ingredients Melted butter, to grease 300g plain chocolate biscuits 180g (1½ cups) walnuts, finely chopped, toasted 10 dates, pitted, finely chopped 100g coconut oil 2 tbs honey Berry coulis 55g Read more
Chocolate Baskets

Chocolate Gift Baskets Can Be A Wonderful Idea

Chocolate Gift Baskets With the love that majority of people have for coffee, it becomes very difficult to find anyone who doesn’t love coffee. That deliciously sweet, creamy and rich treat that is great for all occasions is now the love of so many people. These days there are now an endless collection of chocolate […] Read more
Where The World's Best Chocolate Comes From

Where The World’s Best Chocolate Comes From

The World’s Best Chocolate You know it’s addictive. You know that it can be fattening. You know that it contains loads of sugar. Has that stopped you? Of course not! It’s chocolate we’re talking about here! Who can give it up? Chocolate is the favorite vice of both young and old. There are so many […] Read more
Create Delicious Chocolate Recipes To Die For!

Scientists And Nutritionists On Battle For Chocolate

Nutritious Chocolate Scientist and Researchers will always tell people that eating chocolate is good for the heart since it has the ability to decrease the LDL or known as bad cholesterol and it will promote a good blood flow by reducing the blood pressure level to a person associated with high blood pressure. However, Nutritionists […] Read more
Spread Good Wishes With Chocolate Gifts

Spread Good Wishes With Chocolate Gifts

Good Wishes With Chocolate Gifts Whether you want to wish your friend on his birthday or give him good wishes for his exams chocolate gifts can be a perfect choice. Chocolate is extremely popular with people of all ages. So a chocolate gift for your loved one can probably be the best option if you […] Read more

Why They Say Chocolate Has Health Benefits

Health Benefits Does chocolate have health benefits at all? Few studies and researches made not too long ago suggested it has. In fact, a lot of chemicals containing chocolate were found to be beneficial to the people’s health. So, it does contradict the old myth and half-truths surrounding the saying that anything that looks and […] Read more

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